– Operates with electric
– It is completely manufactured from AISI304 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.
– With its fans within the oven it is possible to achieve a uniform heat distribution and a well-balanced cooking.
– There is a manual control panel.
– Cooking temperature and time can be set manually on the control panel.
– One Touch Control (Confirmation Function). A single rotary switch button controlled to select cooking mode, and to assign time and temperature.
– It is capable of cooking 10 trays with GN 1/1 mm at once. The space between the racks is 65 mm.
– It has five different cooking modes.
– Turbo Mode (30-275 °C)
– Combi Mode (30-300 °C)
– Steam Mode (100 °C)
– Adjustable Steam Mode (30-99 °C)
– Banquette Mode (30-275 °C)
– One Touch Control – The button is used to select cooking mode, and to assign time and temperature.
– Specially designed interior cabin that provides homogeneous cooking

Other Features:
– Automatic washing mode and flexible hose to wash the cabin manually.
– Rounded interior cabin to improve hygiene inside the cabin.
– Rail system providing comfortable entering of oven trolleys into the oven..
– Easily mountable and removable door gaskets that prevent loss of steam
– Double glass technology that prevents heat loss
– Two-step oven door lock system
– Interior cabin lighting resistant to high heat and steam
– Meat Probe (30-99 °C) – For fish, whole chicken and meat cooking
– New design air curtain that provides homogeneous distribution of hot air
– Self-Cooling
– Four different fan speed (400-700-1000-1400 Rpm)
– Manual Steam Injection System
– Steam Condenser System
– Digital Temperature and Time Display Panels
– Low Emissions and High Efficiency Combustion System (Premix System) and Silent High Performance Burners
– Effective Halogen Lighting for Cabin Interior
– High Heat Exchanger Tubes with Long Life Heat Transfer Performance
– Secure Door Lock System
– Full Hygienic cabin interior with rounded corners
– Oven trolley which can easily get in and get out of the oven
– Lower Cooking Time different from Standard Convection Oven
– Fixed Cabin Interior Fan System which disables operation due to safety short after the door is opened
– Open Drainage (Drainage with automatic open and close in models with washing feature)
– Easily Replaceable Door Gasket
– Alert Codes on Electronic Card (reset, low water level, etc.)
– Steam Generator and Limit Thermostats in Cabin Interior
– Automatic Filling System and Powerful Steam Generator
– Motor power: 2 * 850 W
– Water inlet: 3/4 “water pressure: 2-4 bar
– Electric inlet: 380-400 V AC 3N 50-60 Hz
– Max. Electric Power: 17,5 kW
– Useful internal volume: 0,2 m3
– Distance between racks: 65 mm
– Capacity: 10 GN 1/1
– Dimensions: 925*793*1190 mm.
– Net weight: 210 kg

Electric Combi Oven