– The body of peeler is manufactured from AISI 304 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet and its form has been strengthened by a special shaping process.
– If top cover is opened during operation, there is a safety system which stops the timer and the engine and gives warnings.
– The machine construction is designed so that it prevents any contacts with moving parts during operation.
– It has a safety switch which stops operation in case of emergency and which prevents the intervention of unrelated people with its locking system.
– Loaded potatoes are softened through the water inlet connected to the machine so they are peeled with a very little loss. (8-15%)
– Onion peeling can be done by changing rotatable peeling tray (HOK g/h, 5 kg/time).
– With a suitable redactor, appropriate speed control which doesn’t harm potato and onion, low noise level and stable operation is available.
– Depending on the type and size of potato, it is possible to adjust peeling time via control panel.
– Liner and rotatable peeling tray are covered with carborundum in accordance with health conditions.
– A special discharge cover exists which is used for discharging potatoes to appropriate container during the operation.
– Plastic drain pipes with 60 mm inner diameter.
– Potato Peeling Capacity: 225 kg (per hour)
– Onion Filling Capacity: 5 Kg
– Onion Peeling Capacity: 110 kg (per hour)
– Peeling Time: 1-1,2 min.

Potato peelers
CodeName of the productDimensions
PS.05Potato Peeling Machine (220V)500x700x9204112:3110
PS.07Potato Peeling Machine (220V)522x800x1068530:4720
PS.09Potato Peeling Machine (220V)552x800x1168600:5230
PS.05-FPotato Peeling Machine with Filter (220V)500x733x1200500:4410
PS.07-FPotato Peeling Machine with Filter (220V)520x833x1368600:5720
PS.09-FPotato Peeling Machine with Filter (220V)552x833x1468670.6830