– Planetary mixers are manufactured in high quality and they enable bakeries, confectioners and patisserie to obtain perfect dough mix.
– Bowl and mixer arms which contact with the food comply with hygiene standards and they are manufactured from stainless steel.
– Working speed can be adjusted in three different cycles (108, 183, 352 rpm).
– It ensures quiet and fast use without any problems and thanks to its security cover it is secure to use.
– There is a separate start and stop button to stop the machine in case of emergency.
– It has thermal overload protection.
– It complies with CE standards.
– Container lift lever is used for raising and lowering the container as well as for locking.
– Scrambler, mixer and spiral dough hooks are available.
– Capacity: 25 lt.
– Motor power: 500 W (3/4 HP)
– Electric inlet: 380V 3N AC 50 Hz
– Dimensions: 560*550*910 mm.
– Net weight: 100 kg

Dough Mixer
Code Name of the product Dimensions
Boiler Dimensions
a b c
MK.08 Mixers (Three Speed) 688x841x1270 184 0.73 360×360 30
MK.04 Mixers (Three Speed) 690x888x1366 200 0.84 400×390 40
MK.06 Mixers (Three Speed) 690x903x1419 205 0.88 430×445 60