Block style organization of a restaurants components for optimized perfomance and efficiency in a commercial kitchen.


A commercial kitchen is much more than just the equipment and personnel in it. A successful kitchen has specific components arranged in a particular manner/pattern that enhance and facilitate optimization of performance and efficiency. Regardless of each kitchen’s layout or style, all commercial kitchens will have the following components whose arrangement spell out the layout.

  • Hot Kitchen (where meals are cooked)
  • Food preparation
  • Service
  • Cleaning/Ware washing
  • Storage (both cold and dry)
  • Goods receiving

There is no perfect formula for designing a restaurant kitchen layout. Every food service establishment is uniquely styled and operates differently from others. So you have to decide based on your objectives, what will assist you best in meeting your kitchen goals. There are several basic concepts to consider that will deliver the desired results recommended by the industry design experts.

Centralized Layout

This style places the principle cooking equipment in the middle of the kitchen. The other components are arranged along the walls giving an open layout impression. This creates a circular flow promoting communication and supervision while leaving an open flow space for easy cleaning. Centralized layout is sometimes called Island Type layout and is ideal for large and very busy restaurant kitchens.

Assembly Line Layout

In this style, the cooking area borders the food preparation area on one side and the service area on the other. The other remaining components are organized behind or on the back. This creates proper space for dispensing meals fast and is recommended for institutions, hospitals, schools and restaurants that serve limited  menu and needs to serve large quantities of the same food.

Zone Style Layout

Equipment are organized along the perimeter wall creating an implication of a block arrangement. Here the sections follow a proper order of increased flow and also allows a good space for the service area. This is mainly good for fast food restaurants.


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