– It cuts the bread in all sizes into the slices of equal thickness.
– Work sites and blades are manufactured from durable stainless sheet.
– Complies with health conditions.
– Automatic shut-off at the end of the slicing process.
– Thanks to its wheels it can be moved easily.
– Elegant and aesthetic appearance.
– It has 5 mm thick reinforced body and stainless steel top cover.
– It has capped bearings which don’t require lubrication and maintenance.
– It operates silently and without vibration.
– Machine body is painted with durable electrostatic paint.
– It is easy and clean to use and it occupies less space.
– Three-phase or single-phase (220-380 V, 50 Hz)
– Dimensions: 1140 * 780 * 700 mm.
– Net weight: 140 kg

Bread Slicer