Commercial deep fryer

4 Things To Consider When Buying A Commercial Fryer

Restaurant kitchens must have a commercial fryer as most food options include deep frying ingredients. Aside from this, some type food is often fried during the preparation process. Therefore, they are a very common option in many commercial kitchens. Different commercial fryers exist and this include deep fat fryers, air fryers and pressure fryers. Their…

Merican coffee house setup

Starting a Coffee Shop Commercial Kitchen

A coffee shop is an ideal example when considering profitable options to explore when beginning your commercial kitchen. The success of many businesses demonstrates an opportunity for those who explore the business across the world. Considerations One of the first aspects to consider is the menu provided in your restaurant coffee shop. While coffee is…


Considerations When Starting a Hospital Kitchen

In hospitals, meeting cleanliness requirements is vital. Hospital kitchens aim to meet the diverse nutritional requirements of the patients, promoting patient satisfaction is met avoiding cross-contamination. Therefore, creating hospital commercial kitchens must address these needs while fostering efficiency in delivering food to its diverse clientele. Designing the Healthcare Kitchen When designing a hospital kitchen, it…


Designing a School Kitchen Layout

Lunchtime at school is always a popular topic among kids. The school cafeteria is where students gather for their meals and to spend some social time together. In today’s school kitchen, the major concern is providing healthy options and establishing a welcoming environment for students. If you are designing an institutional kitchen, you need to…