Café Kitchen design

Café retailer shop is one of the most tasking things in the food service industry.  You have to identify a perfect café site where the sales may be potentially high. Also considered is the marketing and the employee training as the customer service will create a big impact on the influx of the customers. However the…


Elements of a Commercial Kitchen

A good commercial kitchen comprises an extensive range of quality hard wearing elements including cook tops, ovens, deep fryers, dishwashers, glass washers among other equipment.  A commercial kitchen also comprises such machines as microwaves, blenders or even food processors. Also included are the uniforms and cleaning chemicals. The type of cuisine offered by the restaurant,…


Wall Shelving

Item Dimension Description
Wall Shelves  Wall Cupboards3
  • 1000x300x150mm
  • 1200x300x150mm
  • 1500x300x150mm
  • 1200x300x150mm
  • Dry GoodsSpice Rack
Wall Cabinets with middle shelf and Sliding Doors  Wall Cupboards4
  • 1000x500x1800mm
  • 1300x500x1800mm
  • 1500x500x1800mm
  • 1800x500x1800mm
  • General Storage
  • Dry Goods
  • Spice Rack