Work tables are a fundamental part of every commercial kitchen. They serve various areas in the kitchen such as the preparation, receiving, service and wash up stations. Kitchen tables costs you some tangible amount of money so investing in the right one should be your number one priority. Picking the right table ensures your operations run smoothly and you put a check on down times and un-planned expenditures for service during breakage.

These are the tips to consider before making that purchase decision.

  • Purpose

Tables are made differently to address various tasks. There are stainless steel tables meant for daily cutting, chopping, sorting and holding. Then there is butcher’s table made of wood block, fish/chicken cutting tables made with polyvinyl block tops and lastly bakery tables made with marble tops. If you need a work table for heavy use, then a table made of stainless steel is the right choice. If you need a work table to hold restaurant tools, equipment stands are a good option as they are made to hold such things as char broilers, mixers, griddles, and coffee makers. So before you buy the table, ensure it is going to serve the intended purpose.

  • Durability

How tough is the material used to make the table? Is it reinforced to withstand the tasks it is required to perform? And for how long? What type of commercial work table do you need? Will it maintain its luster or aesthetic value? These are the questions you need to ask and get the answer before you spend your hard earned money. Choose the right supplier who will give you value for your money.

  • Custom units

Getting a kitchen worktop customized or made just for your kitchen space feels so right. It is like get an outfit tailored perfectly to fit you…you only! Customized kitchen tables fit your space perfectly and the supplier can make additions to give you more functions in one unit. This also saves you from disappointments.

  • Multifunctional units

Tables come with add-ons that help keep the kitchen more organized and clean. There are models with under shelves, over shelves, drawers to provide storage. Some have cut outs for putting salad and sandwich dressings. You can also pick one that has wheels.

  • Ease of cleaning.

Choose a unit that checks for the above 4 tips and is easy to clean. Mostly stainless steel tables are hygienic and easy to clean. This goes for the marble top bakery table too. For the other types like butcher’s table, ensure the frame is in stainless steel to make it easier to clean the unit since concentration will be majored on the top. Pick units that do not chip as this might cause food poisoning.


Supplying your restaurant or bakery with these commercial work tables, you’ll be able to designate specific locations for certain food prep tasks, which can reduce cross-contamination and increase efficiency. You’ll find tables of all shapes, sizes, and configurations to fit your kitchen’s layout and your staff’s routine. We even carry mobile work tables and prep stations for caterers or cooks that need to rearrange their kitchen’s current setup.

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